Passing Phrase -

Adama Charucha

Literally and idomatically: Scorched earth

The word Adama we have found in many other phrases and naturally can be traced back to Genesis (2:7) The word "charuch" is a derivative of the word ח-ר-ך cha'ra'ch which we can find in Proverbs (12:27), meaning burnt. The military idea of leaving nothing – not crops, material, nor animals for the "enemy" is as old as the Greeks (Memnon of Rhodes) and unfortunately, despite being outlawed in 1977, continues in conflicts to this day. But in our use we are referring to someone who left nothing of any use or good behind. This phrase was even used by one sports writer who wrote:

כששיחק, הותיר מייקל ג'ורדן אדמה חרוכה למתחריו.

Keshesichek, hotir Michael Jordan adama charucha lamitcharav.

When he played, Michael Jordan left (only) scorched earth for his competitors.

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