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Literally and idiomatically: Lobby or pressure group

This ostensibly modern word is actually Aramaic from the root שׁ־ד־ל shin-dalet-lamed. The word can mean to persuade or even seduce which is what we find in the Talmud (Yoma 35b). From there we also have the word להשתדל "lehishtadel" or to try very hard. In Europe a leader who would intercede with the authorities was known as a "Shtadlan." This morphed into today's meaning as a lobby, which is simply a group of people with a common interest who try to convince the government to act in a certain manner.

האיגוד הרובאים הלאומי (NRA) מפעיל שדולה פוליטית שמתנגדת נמרצות לחוק הפיקוח על נשיאת נשק.

"Ha'igud harova'im haleumi mafil shedulah politit shemitnagedet nimratzot lechok hapikuach al nesi'at neshek."

The National Rifle Association operates a political lobby that vigorously opposes any regulations regarding gun control.

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