Passing Phrase -

Ta'am Levai

Literally: Accompanied taste
Idiomatically: Aftertaste

The Hebrew word for taste is "ta'am" (Exodus 16:31). The word "levai" is of Talmudic origin (Nega'im 14:6), where it refers to an added name in describing a specific plant. A similar use of the word would be in תופעת לוואי - "Tofa'at Levai"/"Tofaot Levai" (p) or side-effect(s), Something that we are all familiar with these days. The word "levai" is sometimes confused with the word הלוואי – "halevai" meaning hopefully (Brachot 21:1). Our phase is alluding to something which literally leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

סכרין מאופיין בטעם לוואי מתכתי

"Saccharine me'ufyan beta'am levai metachti." Saccharine is characterized by a metallic aftertaste.

"Halevai" we would consume much less sugar or its substitutes.

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