Passing Phrase -

Lisgor Pinah

Literally: To close a corner
Idiomatically: To tie up loose ends

The word "sagar" with the root samech-gimmel-reish ס-ג-ר can be found in the story of Sedom referring to the closing of a door (Genesis 19:10). "Pinah," meaning a corner can be found in Job (1:19). When we think about it, when you close (or finish) a corner you are turning it into a something complete, like a room or a frame. As such, the expression comes to denote finalizing something, taking a final action, or making the adjustment needed for completion. This modern Hebrew expression is actually based on a similar but opposing expression such as to cut corners or in its French origin, "arrondir les angles" - to round corners (see "le'agel pinot").

לפעמים הכי נוח לנו לסגור פינה במסרון ולא באמצעות שיחת טלפון מעמיקה.

"Lifamim hachi noach lanu lisgor pinah bemisron velo be'emtza'ut sichat telephone ma'amikah." Sometimes it is more convenient for us to tie up loose ends with an SMS rather than with an in-depth phone call.

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