Passing Phrase -

Hidrich Et Menuchato

Literally: Trampled his respite
Idiomatically: Didn't let him rest / troubled him

This phrase in a slightly different format can be found in the Bible (Judges 20:43) regarding the incident in Geva. There is a question as to whether the word "darach" refers to trampling as in trampling the grapes, or to tension. When someone is "daruch" he is tense and alert, and ready, which of course means you are not resting. Some believe that the original phrase refers to chasing them to a place called "Menucha" which would be Manachat of today in the southern part of Jerusalem, home of the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team.

.המראות שראה בילדותו הדריכו את מנוחתו

"Hamarot shera’ah beyalduto hidrichu et menuchato.

The scenes he saw as a child troubled him.

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