Passing Phrase -

Ain Lo (Chaser Lo) Amud Shidrah

Literally: He doesn’t have a spinal column (backbone)
Idiomatically: Spineless, weak

As in many other languages this anatomical term is used to describe someone who is weak. The word "amud" meaning a pillar or column can be found throughout the Bible (Exodus 26:32). "Shidra" meaning spine, can be found in the Talmud (Brachot 28b).

Describing its disappointment in a political leader, one paper wrote

אין לו אג'נדה ברורה ואין לו עמוד שדרה פוליטי וחברתי.

"Ain lo agenda berurah ve'ain lo amud shidrah politi ve’vhevrati."

He has no clear agenda and no political and social backbone.

For the record: Webster's dictionary believes that the first recorded use of the term with its negative connotation was in 1827 and one of my grandsons favorite dinosaurs is a called a spinosaurous not the T Rex - go figure…

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