Passing Phrase -

Meharsaiyich Umacharivaiyich Mimeich Yei'tzai'u

Literally: From the destroyers and those that laid you waste shall go forth from you
Idiomatically: Fifth Column / Subversives

This phrase, directly from Isaiah (49:17), is often quoted to denote those among a society who are helping to bring about its own destruction. There are commentaries including David Altschuler (1687-1769) (Metzudat David) who agree. Others, including Rashi (Rav Shlomo Yitzchaki), Joseph Karo and Ibn Ezra, believe that this is a misreading of the words of the prophet Isaiah. Rather it should be read as "your destroyers and those who lead you to ruin will leave you." This second version is one of comfort. I personally prefer it.

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