Passing Phrase -

Zeh Talui (Rak) Becha

Literally: This is dependent (only) on you
Idiomatically: It's up to you

The word "talui" (Song of Songs 4:4) refers to a connection or condition between ideas or objects, often without a "physical" grounding. Note, though, that the word is also used in connotations of hanging, such as a picture on the wall or a person on the gallows (Deuteronomy 21:23). It comes from the word תלה "talah" (Ezekiel 15:3; Psalms 137:2). Another usage of this word would be when you leave something unfinished with a person, you leave them hanging ("talui"). But our usage denotes the idea of depending on something (Ethics 5:18).

האושר שלך תלוי בך.

Ha-osher shelcha talui becha.

Your happiness depends on you.

FYI, this phrase is also the title of a song and album (1999) by Yigal Bashan.

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