Passing Phrase -

Am Hasefer

Literally and Idiomatically: People of the book

Believe it or not this was the way Jews, Christians, and Sabians (who converted to Islam) were referred to in the Quran. The people of the book "Ahl al ki-tab" أهل الكتاب is a reference to the idea that these religions are based on the word of God (the Bible) and not idol-worship. It established the relationship between Islam and these religions which basically allowed them to continue a limited freedom of worship. Today it refers to the love of all books rather than just the Bible.

כדי להיות "עם הספר" צריך ללמוד.

"Kedei lehiyot am hasefer tzarich lilmod."

In order to be a “people of the book” one has to study.

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