Passing Phrase -

Yado Al Ha-elyona

Literally: His hand is on the top
Idiomatically: Has the upper hand

Some claim that the phrase in English developed from baseball where you choose who goes first by placing hand over hand on a bat seeing who gets the "upper hand." Others claim that it started with the English, and can be traced to an early 17th-century ballad Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard. In reality, it dates back to the Talmud (Baba Metezia 4b) where it refers to legal and financial matters.

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במאבק בכנסת לקואליציאה היתה ידו על העליונה.

"Bema'avak BaKnesset ha-Ko'alitzia haya yado al ha-elyona"
In a struggle in the Knesset, the coalition had the upper hand.

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