Passing Phrase -

Yechidei Segulah

Literally: A chosen few
Idiomatically: Outstanding individuals

The word "segulah" can be defined as virtue or treasured. The phrase "Am segulah" (Deuteronomy 7:6) would mean a treasured people. In Yiddish and Jewish folklore it also came to mean a remedy or even a protection. In that context, a "segulah" is viewed as an action which may change your luck or fortune such as wearing a red string that had been wound around Rachel's Tomb. In our case we are referring to people whose character and/or actions make them special, or people who simply may be lucky

"רק יחידי סגולה מבקשים את הצדק. האנושות כולה משתוקקת לרחמים." -אוסקר ווילד.

"Rak yechidei segula mevakshim et hatzedek. Ha-enoshut kulah mishtokeket lerachamim." – Oscar Wilde.

"Only virtuous individuals seek justice. All of humanity longs for mercy." - Oscar Wilde.

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