Passing Phrase -

Menaker Einayim

Literally: (He) gouges eyes
Idiomatically: Rub it in / Show off

The phrase can also be found in the infinitive "Lenaker Einayim." This colorful though gory phrase comes from the Bible (Numbers 16:14). It can also be found in Judges (16:21) Samuel I (11:2) and Kings II (25:7). In each case it is a symbol of humiliation as one person is poking the other's eyes out to make them jealous or to feel weak. The root N-K-R (נ-ק-ר) is to puncture. As an aside a "neker" is the nice way to say a flat tire. Most Israelis just say - yes you got it – a puncture. But make sure you pronounce it correctly as "pantcher" while rolling the "r."

When one neighbor bought a red BMV another sniffed and commented,

הרכב מנקר עיניים בזבוז כסף, ומיותר לחלוטין אבל אני מת לנהוג בו .

"Zeh bizbuz kesef, menaker einayim, umeyutar lechalutin aval ani met linhog bo."

It’s a waste of money, showing off, and completely unnecessary but I am dying to drive it.

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