Passing Phrase -

Hicah Galim

Literally: Hit waves
Idiomatically: Make waves / arouse interest

Although this seems to be a very modern phrase, its roots are Biblical (Zechariah 10:10). The word "hicah" from the root Nun-chaf-hey נ-כ-ה- means to hit (Exodus 2:13). "Gal" refers to things piled one on top of the other like stones (as in "gal avanim" in Genesis 31:46). A "gal" can also mean water piled up, or a wave (Psalms (107:26). This is a neutural phrase and can be positive or negative, depending on what side of the political fence you are on:

הנצחון של טרומפ הכה גלים בעולם כולו.

Hanitzachon shel Trump hicah galim be'olam kulo.

Trump's victory made waves around the world.

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