Passing Phrase -

Tzavar Hon

Literally and Idiomatically: (He) Accumulated wealth

"Tzavar" means to gather in, and we can find it with the first person who was into saving for a "rainy" (or really not rainy at all) day – Joseph (Genesis 41:49). "Hon" is wealth or possessions (Proverbs 6:31). One cute phrase I found with "hon" was "hon Korach" – as rich as the Biblical rebel Korach. Or if you like, in its western translation, "rich as Croesus" who was supposedly the first king to mint gold. A lot of good it did for Korach.

המנכ"ל צבר הון בשווי כ-500 מיליון שקל.

"HaMankal tzavar hon beshovi ke-500 million shekel."

The director general had an accumulated wealth of about 500 million shekel.

But who is counting….

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