\ Passing Phrase: (Be)Ketsev Mesachrer ::: Very quickly

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(Be)Ketsev Mesachrer

Literally: At a dizzying pace
Idiomatically: Very quickly

The root "Kuf-Tzadik-Bet" ק'צ'ב')) can mean various things according to its vowels. Anything from a butcher to an allotment, to an end, or even a musical beat. In our case we are referring to a beat or pace, though in the Bible the closest we can find to our meaning, is in Kings I (6:25) where it refers to a pattern. "Mesachrer" stems from the word sechor, which means to go around which in turn stems from the word sechar (Jeremiah 14:18). "Secharchoret" is the Hebrew word for feeling dizzy or a dizzy spell. Interestingly enough the word "Sachar" in the Talmud (Baba Metzia 3:2) refers to commerce or trade - which does make some sense . We can also find the idea of its reference to commerce in the Bible (Genesis 34:10). In modern times you would say -

הבורסה עלה בקצב מסחרר.

"Habursah alah beketsev mesachrer."

The stock market went up at a dizzying pace.

To quote Blood Sweat and Tears in their 1968 hit "Spinning Wheel": "What goes up - must come down." Don’t lose your balance.

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