Passing Phrase -

Lehazil dimah

Literally and Idiomatically: To shed a tear / to weep over

"Hizil" refers to something that drips with the root being Nun Zayin Lamed (נ.ז.ל. ) and is Biblical in origin (Numbers 24:7) . Before you ask, there is no connection between "nezilah" (a leak) and "hozalah" (reduction in price) which is from the root Zayin Vav Lamed (ז.ו.ל. ). "Dimah" comes from Jerimiah (31:15) where we also find the source for our phrase.

זלגו עיניו דמעות.

"Zalgu ainav dimaot. "

Tears flowed from his eyes.

Another word that stems from the same root is "nozel" or a liquid. Yes, and since we are extrapolating, nezilah also mean a runny nose.

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