Passing Phrase -

Im kol hakavod

Literally: With all due respect
Idiomatically:No offense ( but)

It is always remarkable to me how the addition of one word changes the whole meaning of a phrase. The phrase "kol hakavod," which we used almost 20 years ago, is one that is very positive. It literally means" all the honor" but really is used to congratulate someone on a job well done. When we add the word "Im" (with) we are redefining it. Originally the term was used as a sign of respectful disagreement. Today it is most often cynical or sarcastic. In English as well if you begin a sentence "with all due respect" you know that somebody definitely disagrees with you.

עם כל הכבוד, הגזמת !!

"Im kol hakavod, higzamta!"

With all due respect you went too far.

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