Passing Phrase -

Lifnei Velifnim

Literally: Inner sanctum
Idiomatically: Thoroughly/in depth/ hidden details

This phrase refers to the innermost part of the Temple. We first find the word "lifnei" (standing before) as referring to the inner Temple in Kings I (6:16-17) – "Lifnei Hadvir" - before the Dvir. Dvir is another name for the Holy of Holies (Kings I 8:6). Later in the Talmudic times they added the word "lifnim" to "lifnei" for emphasis (Menachot 92a, Shavuot 13b). Until modern times, this phrase was only used to describe religious ideas. Today, it denotes a deep and thorough understanding:

מכיר את השוק לפני ולפנים הוא

"Hu makir et hashuk lifnei velifnim."

He knows the market through and through.

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