Passing Phrase -

Lelo Heref

Literally: Without a let up
Idiomatically: Incessant / No breaks

We have used the phrase "Keheref ayin" meaning like the blink or stopping of an eye. Here is the same word, used in almost the exact opposite mode. Some think that the word "Heref" stems from Rafaf (root Reish-Pei-Pei) which can be found in Job (26:11) or in the Jerusalem Talmud (Peah 2:3) meaning to shake or something shaky. It may seem like a bit of a reach, but if something is not shaky, it is stable with no change or movement.

הוא דפק על הדלת שלו עד שענו לו

"Hu dafak al hadelet lelo heref ad she'anu lo." He knocked at the door incessantly until they answered it.

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