Passing Phrase -

Yatsa Lo Meiha'af

Literally: It came out of his nose
Idiomatically: Sick of it / fed up (with…)

This colorful, descriptive, and strong phrase can be found in the Bible (Numbers11:19-20). There is a takeoff on this, "Yatsa li meiha'oznayim" - It is coming out of my ears," which some of us may be familiar with. Other usages of this phrase that note other orifices are common in most languages including Yiddish.

היות שהוא היה חולה הוא שתה תה עד שזה יצא לו מהאף

"Heyot shehu haya choleh hu shata tei ad sheZe yatsa lo meiha'af." Because he was ill, he drank tea until he was sick of it.

Refuah Shelaima.

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