Passing Phrase -

Hevdel Bein Shamayim VaAretz

Literally: The difference between heaven and earth
Idiomatically: A world of difference

Hevdel meaning a separation or difference, comes from the root badal (B'D'L – ב'ד'ל'). You can find it in Genesis (1:6, 1:14,) and in the Talmud (Brachot 5a, Baba Metzia 59b). You may also be familiar with the word Havdalah, the service marking the conclusion of Shabbat, and separating it from the rest of the week. The phrase itself is modern. Often it is used when comparing something; like an experience or an object or even food.

יש הבדל של שמיים וארץ בין ת"א של שנות ה 30 ות"א של היום

Yesh hevdel bein shamayim VaAretz bein tel aviv shel Shnot hashloshim V Tel Aviv shel hayom

There is a world of difference between Tel Aviv of the 30's and Tel Aviv of today.

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