Passing Phrase -

Ze Lo Meshaneh

Literally and Idiomatically: It doesn’t matter/ there is no real difference

The word Meshane stems from the root (Shin Nun Hey ש.נ.ה). ShoNe שונה meaning different (Esther 1:7,psalms 89:35) is spelled with a hey and a shin. If you spell it with an aleph and a sin שונא it would mean to hate or an enemy. Another form of the word would be Leshanot לשנות – to change something. Most of us are acquainted with another twist on this root. On Pessach eve the youngest child usually recites "Ma Nishtana" מה נישתנה "why is this night different …"

The phrase reminds me of friend who offered to take me out to lunch and would say half as a joke.

זה לא משנה כמה זה יעלה אני אקנה לך שקשוקה

It doesn’t matter how much it costs I will buy you shaksuka

Ze lo meshane kama ze yaaleh ani ekne lecha shaksuka

With a salad?

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