Passing Phrase -

BeZil Hazol

Literally: Cheapest of the cheap
Idiomatically: Super cheap / dirt cheap

"Zol" refers to something which has little value (Jermiah 2:36). It is often found with a similar meaning in the Talmud (Ma'aser Sheini 4:1; Baba Batra 91b). As we have seen in other phrases when we string two similar words together we get a stronger phrase. In this case, we are talking about the cheapest of the cheap. As we all know, sometimes too cheap will end up being more expensive, but that's another phrase.

Sometimes you will pass a store which will have a sign:

! תיקים גוצ'י רק היום בזיל הזול

"Tikei Gucci rak hayom bezil hazol!"

Only today Gucci handbags super cheap!

Right. Does anyone out there believe that it's not a cheap knock off? I have a bridge to sell

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