Passing Phrase -

Ne'esaf El avotav

Literally: Gathered unto his (fore)fathers
Idiomatically: Died

Although this phrase is somewhat poetic and biblical (Judges 2:10), it has a historic basis. In Talmudic times and even afterward, people were often buried in a family crypt where they literally joined their ancestors. There was a custom that after a year or so, they would gather the bones of the departed and place them with those who had passed generations earlier. "Uncle Sid? Never seen you better…"

A similar phrase נאסף אל עמיו "Ne'esaf el Amav" (Gathered unto his nation) is found in Genesis (25:8).

סביו נאסף אל אבותיו בגיל 98
Saviv ne'esaf el avotav begil 98."
His grandfather passed away at the age of 98

To all - the iconic Jewish wish "Ad 120" till 120 years in health and peace.

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