Passing Phrase -

Tachu Einav Maire'ot

Literally: His eyes were blocked from seeing
Idiomatically: He didn’t get it / Duh…

The phrase is referring to someone who can't tell the difference sometimes between right and wrong. "Tach" is found in Ezekiel (13:12) regarding the covering of a wall. Interestingly enough "Tiyach" refers to plaster and a "Ta'yach" is someone who plasters or covers a wall. Taking it one step further a "plaster" פלסטר is Hebrew for Band-Aid - which covers a wound. This phrase itself can be found in Isaiah (24:18).

טחו עיניו מראות את השינוי שחל בחברו.

"Tachu einav ma'ire'ot et hashinui shechal b'chaveiro."

He couldn’t see the change that his friend underwent.

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