Passing Phrase -

(Be')Tuv Ta'am

Literally: (In) Good taste
Idiomatically: Aesthetically pleasing / goodly

King David believed that good taste, as well as knowledge, is something which can be learned (Psalms 119:66). When used in the Bible, the word "ta'am" (Exodus16:31) refers to food-related taste. Our meaning can be found in the Talmud (Baba Metzia 75) but there are other connotations such as logic (Samuel I 21:14) or a reason (Talmud Yuma 59a) and other connotations as well.

יוסי סידר את הבית בטוב טעם.

"Yossi sider et habayit betuv ta'am." Yossi organized the house in good taste.

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