Passing Phrase -

Lamrot Hakol

Literally: To rebel against everything
Idiomatically: In spite of it all

"Lamrot" is a shortened version of "lehamrot" which stems from the root Mem-Resh-Hey, meaning to rebel or go against. We find it often in the Bible usually a negative context (Hosea 14:1; Ezekiel 20:8, etc…). We find it also regarding the wayward son, the "ben sorer umoreh" (Deut. 21:18). "Lamrot" can also be found in the Bible (Isaiah 3:8; Psalms 78:17). Yet for most Israelis it is simply part of one of the iconic songs written by Dani Sanderson for Kaveret in 1973 called "lamrot hakol." A line from its famous chorus:

בכל זאת הגענו למרות הכל.

"Bechol zot, higanu lamrot hakol." Nevertheless we arrived in spite of it all.

Which is a pretty positive way of thinking.

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