Passing Phrase -

Al Tifrosh Min Hatsibur

Literally: Don't separate from the congregation
Idiomatically: Don’t withdraw from society

This phrase comes directly from Ethics of our fathers (Avot 2:5). It is one of the famous quotes of Hillel the Elder, and it means don’t back away from your responsibilities within your community. The word "Parash" (פ.ר.ש.), meaning to separate, can be found in other places in the Talmud (Shavuot 18:2, Ta'anit 11a). The same word is also used when one separates grains or fruit for the tithes in the temple (Terumot 4:1). Hillel's thought is quite powerful: Any society is only as strong as the support it has from the community. Something to think about.

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