Passing Phrase -

Chomer Leshinun

Literally and Idiomatically: Material for review

Although this phrase most found in an academic setting, it can be used in any work place. The word "shinen" (root: shin-nun-nun), to review, is found in the well-known sentence in Deuteronomy (6:7) "VeShinantam leVanecha," – review with your children – meaning to teach them diligently. Try not to confuse this with "Chomer meshaAmem" חומר משעמם)) which means boring material. According to my kids, there wasn’t that much of a difference.

המורה נתנה חומר לשנון לפני המבחן.

"Hamorah natna chomer leshinun lifnei hamivchan." The teacher gave material for review before the test.

One more thing: Please don’t mix "Shinen" with "Shinanit" which is an oral hygienist. Open wide!

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