Passing Phrase -

BeNefesh Chafeitsa

Literally: With a willing soul
Idiomatically: Willingly / Wholeheartedly

"Chafets" in its plain meaning means to desire (Kings I 10:13) which is stronger than "Rotze" – to want. This phrase is similar to the phrase "Belev Shalem," with a full heart. Actually, the original phrase in the Bible combines both of them:

בְּלֵב שָׁלֵם וּבְּנֶפֶשׁ חְפָצָה. (Chronicles I 28:9).

Sometimes the entire phrase is still used today for emphasis. Another combination you may see is "Belev Patuach Uvenefesh Chafeitsa" - With an open heart and a willing soul. However, for the most part, the shortened version is used.

המעביד הגיע לשימוע בנפש חפצה.

"HaMaavid hegiya leshimua benefesh chafeitsa"

The manager came to the hearing willingly.

And then, there was the story of the Rabbi, the Priest, and the Kadi…

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