Passing Phrase -

BoShesh Lavo

Literally: Late in coming/arriving
Idiomatically: Was delayed

Bosesh in itself means to be late or delayed. We can find it in the story of the sin of the golden calf, which occurred after Moses was "late" in coming down from Mt. Sinai ( Exodus 32:1), and in the story of Sisra (Judges 5:28).

המורה היה בושש לבוא לשיעור Hamore haya bosheh lavo lashiur

The teacher was late in arriving to the class

A different meaning of the same word Boshes coming from the root Bet' Vav' Shin', means to be embarrassed. This can be confusing because often if you are late for something, you may be embarrassed but then again, you may be like me .

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