Passing Phrase -

Ben TemuTah

Literally: A son of mortality
Idiomatically: Mortal

The usage of the word "ben" not meaning son, is quite frequent in Hebrew; with ben brit (an ally) or ben chorin ( someone who is free) as an example. The only place in the bible that uses this phrase is in psalms (79:11 ,102:21). Since we are all destined for the same end, this phrase has also been used to denote mankind as a whole. The opposite of mortal is of course immortal or "Ben AlMavet" בן אלמוות

להיות בן תמותה" הוא ספר נפלא שנכתב על ידי אטול גוואנדה"

"Lehiyot Ben Temutah" hu sefer nifla sheNIchtav al yedei Atul Gawande

"Being Mortal" is a wonderful book written by Atul Gawande

Read it if you haven’t yet.

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