Passing Phrase -

Nake'ah Nafsho

Literally: Separate his soul
Idiomatically: Sick of / Fed up with

The phrase comes from Ezekiel (23:22). The word "nak'ah" means to separate, although the first time we see it in the Bible is regarding Jacob's fight with the angel. In that case, (Genesis 32:26) it actually means to dislocate. When someone is "nak'ah benafsho," he is separating his soul from something that really bothers him, or even disgusts him. Suppression at its best.

נקעה נפשו לשמוע כל פעם אותו תירוץ מחברת הביטוח.

"Nak'ah nafsho lishmoa kol paam oto teiruts meichevrat habituach." He was fed up with hearing the same excuses from the insurance company.

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