Passing Phrase -

Choresh Mezimot

Literally: A devisor of plots or schemes
Idiomatically: A schemer

We normally think of the word "charash" as to plow or prepare the ground (Isaiah 28:24), but it can also mean to devise or set up. The idea of plowing is to prepare the land for planting seeds or the surroundings for an idea. "Mezima" refers to a plot (Jeremiah 23:20) or intention which does not necessarily have to be sinister although it usually is (Proverbs 12:2). The phrase itself is modern and its closest Biblical phrase would be "Charash resha" (Hosea 10:13) which refers to someone who plots to do evil.

אני לא חורשת מזימות בכדי לקבל את בתפקיד

"Ani lo choreshet mezimot bichdei lekabel et hatafkid."

I am not plotting in order to get the position.

Well, maybe others are trying to help…

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