Passing Phrase -

Loeg Larash

Literally: Ridicules the poor
Idiomatically: Is a mockery

Found in Proverbs (17:5), one who ridicules the poor, insults his maker. This is a stern warning not to make fun of the “less fortunate.” The word "laag," which means making fun of someone/something, can be found in Isaiah (37:22), and is used frequently today. "Larash" comes from "Rish" and means someone who has nothing (Proverbs 28:19).

התוספת שקיבלו הנזקקים מהמדינה לחג היתה לעג לרש

"Hatosefet shekiblu hanizkakim mehamedinah lachag haitah laag larash"

The supplement that the needy received from the State for the holidays was a mockery.

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