Passing Phrase -

Karam Or V’gidim

Literally: Became covered with skin and flesh
Idiomatically: Took shape / Materialized

This famous descriptive phrase of the resurrection comes from Ezekiel (37:6,8) and is familiar to many of us as "The vision of the dry bones." But there is also a modern usage of this phrase: "Karam" (קרם) means to crust over or cover. It can even be used to describe bread crust (Shabbat 1:10) or the thin “skin” of milk that’s formed when it boils ("hechalav karmu"). In modern Hebrew the phase is used to refer to projects which are in the process of taking shape:

.פרויקט החממה הטכנולוגית קרם עור וגידים

"Proyect hachamamah hatechnologit karam or vegidim."

The technological incubator project is taking shape.

Still, for me, this phrase reminds me of my introduction to basic anatomy with the famous song (in my days) "Dem Dry Bones" sung by the Delta Rhythm Boys: "The hip bone is connected to the..." It of course, didn’t get me through chemistry.

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