Passing Phrase -

Kotzer Ruach

Literally: Shortness of breath
Idiomatically: With bated breath / impatience / anxious

The direct Biblical translation of this phrase (Exodus 6:9/ Proverbs 14:29) is impatience of spirit. The Biblical commentator Rashi (1040-1105) gives an interesting physiological play on the words. 'Whoever is troubled, their breath comes shortly (shallowly)." This fits well into the English expression "With bated breath." Bated is short for abated or restrained, hence a shortened breath. "Kotzer Ruach" and its antonym "Orech Ruach" - אורך רוח - (Ecclesiastes 7:8) lead us to another interpretation of "ruach" – thoughts (Genesis 35:26,41:8). Using this interpretation, someone who is "Kotzer Ruach" cannot think things through. This may be why taking a deep breath helps when we are stressed.

הוא מצפה בקוצר רוח לאייפון החדש

"Hu metzapeh bekotzer ruach le-iphone hachadash."

He is waiting impatiently for the new Iphone.

Of course once he gets it, he is fine - until rumors of a new model come along.

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