Passing Phrase -

Be-everi Pi Pachat

Literally:At the sides of the hole's mouth
Idiomatically: Dangerously, on the edge of an abyss

Jeremiah (48:28) uses this phrase to describe a situation where you have to do something urgent regarding a dangerous situation. The word "pi" meaning mouth or opening, is Biblical (Genesis 29:10) while "pachat," which means a deep hole or ditch, was often used to mean trap (Isaiah 23 17-18).

השר הגיע לעברי פי פחת, אך הוא נחוש לא לפרוש בלי כתב אישום

"Hasar higia le-evri pi pachat, ach hu nachush lo lifrosh beli ktav ishum." The minister reached the edge of the abyss, but refused to resign without an indictment.

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