Passing Phrase -

Shavur Veratsuts

Literally: Shattered and broken
Idiomatically: Worn out/wiped out/exhausted

This phrase can be found in the Biblical commentary by Rabbi David Kimchi (the Ra'Dak 1160-1235) on the verse in Psalms 74:13. "Shavur" is a well-known word meaning to break (Genesis 19:20). "Ratsuts" (from the root "resh-tsadik-tsadik") means shattered (Kings II 18:21), or in a psychological sense depressed or pressured (Deuteronomy 28:33). Today is it used to describe one's reaction to - well for lack of a better idea - "a day from hell".

אחרי כמה ימים קשים, הוא חזר הביתה שבור ורצוץ

"Acharei kama yamin kashim, hu chazar habayta shavur veratsutz." After a few difficult days, he came home completely wiped.

Here's hoping for a better one……

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