Passing Phrase -

Beyeter Se'ait

Literally: With more strength
Idiomatically: With a vengeance

Taken from the Bible (Genesis 49:3), this phrase appears in the blessing which Jacob bestowed on Reuben. The word "yeter" is sometimes attached after a word as in "omes yeter" (overload) or before the word as in "Yeter al kein" (in addition to / furthermore). It can also mean an abundance, or even leftover. "Se'ait" can mean strength, as we noted above, but it has other meanings, including majesty (Job 13:11).

הגשמים התגברו ביתר שאת.

"Hagshamim hitgabru beyeter se'ait."

The rains increased in strength.

Of course the weather report called for light showers.

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