Passing Phrase -

Barur KeShemesh

Literally: As clear as the sun
Idiomatically: Crystal clear / with no doubt

"Barur" means clear. We find it in a few places in the Bible (Zephania 3:9, Job 33:3) but our phrase itself is Talmudic (Sanhedrin 72a). In English you would use the phrase "clear as day" or "crystal clear." The idea here is that just as you can't mistake the sun for anything else, you cannot make any mistake in this statement or idea. If you want to make it stronger you can say "Barur kashemesh betsohorayim" - It's as clear as the sun at noon.

ברור כשמש עד כמה הוא זקוק לחופש.

Barur kashemesh ad kama hu zakuk lechofesh.

It's absolutely clear how much he is in need of a vacation.

Me too - me too!

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