Passing Phrase -

BeEmet U'veTamim

Literally and Idiomatically: In all honesty, really and truly

This phrase was used by Joshua (24:14), exhorting the people to worship God. The word "tamim" comes from the root "Taf-mem-mem" ((ת'מ'מmeaning complete. Yes, many of you may know of the word from the four sons in the Passover Haggadah where some believe it represents a supposedly "simple" or "naïve" person. But when the Bible refers to Noah and Jacob as tam (Genesis 6:9, 25:27) they are referring to a person who is good inside and out.

Encouraging his workers after experiencing some financial difficulties the boss said:

אנחנו מאמינים באמת ובתמים שיהיה יותר טוב.

"Anachnu ma-aminim be-emet uvetamim sheyihiyeh yoter tov." In all honestly we believe that things will get better.

I hope so too.

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