Passing Phrase -

Bidechilu Urechimu

Literally: With fear and love
Idiomatically: With awe and reverence

This is a bit of a flowery phase, but then again, the idea is as well. "Dechilu" is Aramaic for fear, or rather awe. We find it in the Targum Onkelos(Genesis 28:17). This brilliant Biblical commentary was written in Aramaic by Onkelos (c. 110 CE) , who may have been the nephew of Hadrian or Titus. Interestingly enough, there is a word in Aramaic "dichlul" (Baba Batra 27:72) which is a scarecrow made to frighten birds. Today we use a similar word "dachlil" to denote a scarecrow. Today you may hear a politician say,

קבלתי את התפקיד בדחילו ורחימו""

"Kibalti et hatafkid bidechilu urechimu" - I accepted the position with fear and love. Of course ego had nothing to do with it.

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