Passing Phrase -

Buka Umevuka Umevulaka

Literally: Desolation, vandalism and destruction
Idiomatically: Total destruction

Pronouncing this one is a real challenge. Once you get a handle on it, this is some phrase. Taken from the prophets (Nahum2:11), technically it is translated as desolate, vandalized, and destroyed; in other words, total destruction. You can find part of this phrase also in Isaiah (24:1).

מי שמאמין שמה שהוא צופה בטלויזיה הוא כל האמת יחשוב שכל אירק אינו אלא בוקה ומבוקה ומבולקה

"Mi shema-amin shema shehu tzofe betelevizia hu kol ha-emet, yachshov shekol Iraq aino eleh buka umevuka umevulaka" Whoever believes that what he sees on TV is all true, will think that all of Iraq is nothing but total destruction. That’s why we have the internet and tweets. …

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