Passing Phrase -

Meitivei Lechet

Literally and Idiomatically: Good ( fit)walkers/hikers

The word "meitiv" stems from the word "tov" (good). "Lechet" means to go, which makes this phrase pretty simple. The nature reserve authority has listed on its web site different hikes for different levels of hikers. The most difficult level would naturally be for the "meitivei lechet." We actually find it as a phrase in Proverbs (30:29) referring to a way of walking with God.

יש הרבה טיולים למיטיבי לכת בגולן.

"Yesh harbei tiyulim l'meitivei lechet bagolan." There are a lot of treks for good hikers in the Golan.

There is a Hebrew blessing that is not that well known – "Birkat Hatov V'hameitiv" – ברכת הטוב והמיטיב – which is basically translated as blessed the good and the best. A better translation would be "Blessed (He who is) is good - to me, and to the benefit of others (Sanhedrin 42a). This blessing is used when people hear really good news. It is also used when you drink wine at a meal, and then someone brings out an ever better wine – no joke! But in any case keep the wine for after the hike.

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