Passing Phrase -

Berachel Bitcha Haketana

Literally: For Rachel your younger daughter
Idiomatically: Explicitly, clearly stipulated

We are all familiar with how Laban pulled one over Jacob in regard to his daughters (Genesis 29:18). According to the medieval commentary Rashi (Shlomo Yitzchaki 1040-1105), Jacob knew whom he was dealing with, and so was very specific regarding the agreement, specifying "Rachel, your daughter, the younger one." A lot of good that did him. Today the phrase is used in much the same way:

בקשתי מהקבלן שיעביר לי את כל ההוצאות הצפויות ברחל בתך הקטנה .

"Bikashti mehakablan sheYaavir li et kol hahotzaot hatzefuyot berachel bitcha haketana."

I requested that the contractor sends me clear details of all the expected expenses. Right. It will do me as much good as it did Jacob.

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