Passing Phrase -

GoReid Shechakim

Literally: A scraper of the heavens
Idiomatically: Skyscrapers

This modern phrase is taken directly from the English. "Gored," means to scrape or rub against (Shabbat 147b). For those who want to know, there is no connection between "gored" and "gardom" (scaffold) which actually comes from the Latin "gradus," meaning step. "Shechakim" is translated as heaven or clouds (Psalms 88:7). Put them together and you get a skyscraper.

שיקגו נחשבת לפורצת דרך בתכנון ועיצוב גורדי שחקים .

"Chicago nechshevet leportzat derech batichnun ve-itzuv gordei shechakim."

Chicago is considered a pioneer in the design and planning of skyscrapers. As the immortal Frank Sinatra sang “Chicago – it's my kind of town.”

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