Passing Phrase -

Tiltel atsmo meimakom LeMakon

Literally and Idiomatically: Moved (Wandered) from place to place

The source of this phrase is from Midrash (Berishit Rabba 39) referring Abraham's wanderings, and how not only did it not diminish his reputation but the opposite. A shorter way to describe this is the word Leshotet. The word tiltel means simply to move something (Isaiah 22:17). The word can also describe someone whose mind is wandering or confused DaAto Metultelet.

הוא לא היה רגוע וטלטל עצמו ממקום למקום

Hu lo haya ragua v'teltel et atsmo meiMakon LeMakom

He wasn’t relaxed and wandered from place to place

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