Passing Phrase -

Nechama Pu'retah

Literally and Idiomatically: A small condolence

Despite of the fact that this idiom is in Aramaic, it is actually modern. The word Nechama is familiar from its Hebrew root (Nun chet mem) (נ'ח'מ') meaning to comfort or console (Genesis 24:67). The phrase "nichum aveilim" comforting the bereaved is also known as making a "shiva call". Puretah is Aramaic meaning something small. We find it in the Talmud (Gitin 56a) in the phrase "Hatsala puretah" a small success.

אבל יותר טוב מכלום , אמנם זה נחמה פרתא Amnam ze nechama puretah aval yoter tov MeiKlum

It’s a small comfort, but better than nothing

I guess it’s a small condolence having a small success when you expected a big one.

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