Passing Phrase -

Anachnu Be-oto Rosh

Literally: We are in the same head
Idiomatically: We are on the same page

This is a thoroughly modern phrase which has no real basis in Jewish tradition. In correct Hebrew you can't say I am on page 85 ("Ani al daf 85"). Rather you say "Ani bedaf 85" which is literally translated as "in page 85." This being said, if two of you are doing gymnastics both standing on the same balance beam, you can say "Anachnu al oto keresh".

לא ידעתי שיש עוד אנשים שחושבים כמוני; אנחנו חושבים באותו ראש.

"Lo yadati sheyesh od anashim shechoshvim kemoni; anachnu choshvim be-oto rosh." I didn’t know there were other people who thought like me; we are on the same page.

Of course the book may be different…..

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